Peter Whitham

Peter Whitham

Often referred to as a “savant” since birth, Peter Whitham is of English decent. Born in 1956 on the tiny island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, which is only eight by sixteen miles in length with one never being more than four miles from the ocean.

“My childhood was one of discovery,” says Peter. “My grandmother was a concert pianist for Pinewood Studios in the silent movie days. Mother was the seamstress for the Queen of England and a model for Princess Margaret and my father worked for Boeing by day and at night he was an inventor. As a child I remember crawling up under the piano as my grandmother played all day and just listen and listen to the musical notes, which taught me the sound of music. As I got older and could stand and sit at the piano I learned the fingering of the keys. With little music lessons behind me I began working playing the piano at age 10, that was in 1966 when we moved to America.”

Peter Whitham’s family made Long Island their home and from there he became a concert pianist. For over 20 years he traveled the USA and World on tour for the finest piano manufacturers, both playing and composing. Peter also taught himself to play many other instruments, but writing and composing and the piano became his life. In 1985, while on tour promoting himself, Peter made his first visit to Memphis, TN. In 1989 he decided to move to Memphis, making it his new home.

He liked the fact that Memphis was located in the middle of the country, halfway to either coast. But it was the extraordinary amount of diversity in music, abundance of talent, and overwhelming amount of struggling musicians that drew him here. The learned scholar or wise man Peter exceptionally is, he was shown how programs were developed and operated as they were coming about. Having invested over a million dollars in personal funds and a countless number of hours to date, became one of the first pay-per-download music distributors in the world in 1998.


The Germantown Symphony- Germantown, TN (1993)

Opening of Cat Country - Memphis Zoo

Music for FedEx Sales Video - Computer Division (1996)

Music for QTRTV (2004-2005)

Music for Floor Exercise - State Competitions   ( 2002 )

Music For Exercise Videos ( 2012-2013 )

Music for  Fitness Videos  (2013 - 2014)

Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY (1974) - CHOIR
Germantown Symphony - Germantown, TN (1993) - PIANO
Vacaville Symphony - Vacaville, CA (1996) - PIANO
Mormon Temple - Oakland, CA (1979) - ORGAN
Marlborough Public Library (1976) - PIANO
Convention Center In The Park Series - Fairfield, CA (PIANO)
The US and Worldwide for Piano & Organ Manufacturers.

First Methodist Church Choir - Medford, OR (1980)

Bethal Church Orchestra and Choir - San Jose, CA (1981-83)

Missississpi Chamber Youth Orchestra - Hernando MS. ( 2012 - 2014 )


Battle of the Bands - Minglewood   2008 - 2009

CMA Awards -  2009 -  2013

The Voice (Regional)  2015

America Got Talent (Regional)  2015

Book-On-Tape Projects :
Faces Pressed Against The Glass
Dysfunction Junction
Southern Secrets
Everybody Knows What Time It Is


Paramont Pictures
Bob Wachs Productions


QTRNOTE.COM - Digital & Physical Music Distribution

Mississippi Music Foundation- President/Chairman of the Board

QTR Records - Owner

Infused Media Publishing    ( ASCAP )   - Owner 

MSMF Symphony & Choir- Music Director

MSMF MS Youth Chamber Orchestra - Music Director


Executive Producer:

QTRTV (5 seasons) Fox

Elvis - "The First Years" - Exclusive to QTRNOTE.COM

Alex Ortega - Alex Ortega - Album

Everlean Arnold - Because of Jesus - Album

Ginger Polk - Jesus Loves Me- Qtr Records

Tori Tollison - Artist - Qtr Records

Cannon Moyer - Pop Artist - Producer

Sarah Jean - Album - Producer

Cullin Moore - Album - Producer

Southpaw - Producer

Randy Reiter - Album - Producer  

All Four Glory  - Artist - Qtr Records 

Flirting with Sincerity - Producer

Snyper - Accompanied By Substances - Qtr Records

Tri State Babtist Harmony - Lost in his Presence - Producer

Steve Waldrip - Artist - Producer

Ron B -  On Me   -  Commas w/ ( Kia Shine ) -  

Because I Love What I Do - Producer

Autumn Redd   -  Praying with Tears

Pat McAlister - Artist - Producer